The queen of Qatar is the real "Heroine of Shuangwen"! The appearance in the mirror, each set is strong and domineering

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With the advance of the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, the Qatari royal family has also become a topic of conversation after dinner. Among them, in addition to the prince of Qatar who has become popular with emojis, there is also the queen mother of Qatar, Moza , who is known as the "Zhen Huan of the Middle East" .

The 63-year-old Queen Moza is a legend in the true sense. She was the daughter of a sinner but married the son of a sinner.

She is originally a girl, but she can develop the economy rapidly with her own wisdom and means, and lead the people to a new height, not to mention how amazing she is!

In addition to her shocking life experience, her outfits have also become a learning object for many ladies. As a real upper-class person and professional woman, every outfit of her is amazing, except for the high price. In addition, there is also her unique and domineering aura. Many netizens joked: "It really deserves to be Wu Zetian of the Middle East, the aura is too strong"!

As the mother of a country, Queen Moza has never concealed her strength, and she has never cared about other people's eyes. She is wearing a Chanel haute couture dress in the camera. She is extravagant, powerful and domineering. It makes people feel "too rich", and the state is great.

For a rich and powerful lady of the same age as her, except for the headscarf, she can copy her upper body, dignified, elegant and sharp, especially the demeanor of the head of the family.

The Chanel haute couture dresses chosen by Queen Moza all have a certain sense of design. The upper body of this exquisite slim suit directly leaves a "tailor-made" pride and a strong sense of presence.

At the age of 63, my figure looks like I'm in my early 50s. I feel inferior to myself because of my uneven figure. At the same time, the chicken legs in my hand lost their original taste. No one would have thought that I was young without a grandma. The person is in good shape, really embarrassing at home!

Because of the local social customs in Qatar, most of Queen Moza's looks in front of the camera are skinless styles. Even if she chooses the off-the-shoulder knitted sweater worn by supermodels, she will make changes according to the actual situation.

Sisters who want to learn how to dress with her will not easily make people think that you are "disrespectful". All the beautiful items are suitable for middle-aged and elderly women. Friends who are interested can read on.

Every outfit of Queen Moza has undergone a second transformation, and the pure black tight-fitting long skirt she chose this time is no exception. There is style, it is more gratifying to use tight-fitting items to outline the body line than to show the flesh directly. This set of styles is suitable for all ladies with outstanding temperament, and women aged 25-65 can control it.

As the temperature changes, you can also change from wearing it alone to a layered overcoat. In terms of aesthetic presentation, you can also be as chic and domineering as Queen Moza.

Apart from not wearing naked items, Queen Moza has no taboos in other aspects. She can choose any color she likes, and she has no worries about skin color and figure.

You can also choose any brand of haute couture, different brands have different styles, but when it comes to her, they all show full dominance and femininity, and the effect is unique and novel.

To learn how to dress with Queen Moza, we only need to remember the following three points !

First, it must be exquisite. No matter whether you choose a high-end dress or an ordinary item, you must ensure exquisiteness, especially when the item has no brand or price advantage.

In this case, the key to improving the overall style is to ensure the exquisiteness of the single product and shape, and it is time for sisters who are usually frizzy to calm down!

Second, you must have money. Although this is essential, it needs to be shared with everyone. Although most of the time, Queen Moza's style is a high-end product with no brand name, but anyone who knows a little about fashion should know that she is really not cheap.

In most cases, her whole set of looks is a domestic suite or a sports car. The qualified sisters can get closer to her dressing concept, and the unqualified sisters can also earn money through eye addiction~

The third point is to choose accessories carefully. People like Queen Moza need accessories to enhance the overall style and enrich the sense of style when they go out, let alone ordinary girls like us.

If you want your own style to be outstanding, you must have accessories. Queen Moza chose a headscarf, and you can use hats of various shapes to replace it. At the same time, earrings, bracelets, and rings should also be arranged in a timely manner. It is indispensable.

Queen Moza's dressing concept is basically inseparable from the above three points, but you don't have to worry about it. Letting everyone learn how to dress with her is not asking everyone to "slap their faces to make them fat."

Still the same sentence, sisters with good conditions can copy it, and sisters with poor conditions can learn its matching skills. In this way, applying them to the matching of ordinary styles can easily kill a piece.



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