This autumn and winter this "advanced color" is on fire! It is gentle and age-reducing and does not pick people to wear, so arrange it quickly

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Color is a very important part of dressing. When we choose the color of clothes, we should choose the most suitable color according to our individual skin color as much as possible.

Everyone's skin color is different, some colors look good and some don't. The combination of colors needs to have a sense of beauty, and this sense of harmony can achieve a fashion purpose.

Some people always say that autumn and winter are suitable for dark colors, but this autumn and winter there is a "high-end color" that is popular, that is, milky white.

In the white series, milky white is not as sharp as it is, but it brings warmth and gentleness. It always gives people a kind of soft beauty that cannot be rejected, and it is a kind of combination that will give people a visual A color that is comfortable and has no way to refuse.

Why is milky white so popular?

In the autumn and winter seasons in the past two years, milky white is more popular than spring and summer. It has become a popular color in the season when the temperature drops. It can be seen in the daily street, some fashion bloggers or celebrities. To the milky white figure.

1. Both versatile and not dull

In the autumn and winter seasons, the most likely problem in matching is that it looks monotonous and dull, and milky white belongs to the white series. Although it is not a representative of colors and belongs to the basic color, milky white will give people a brightening effect. This is A charm brought by light colors.

Milky white is based on pure white with a little beige tone added, so it feels very gentle, as if a beam of warm light hits your face, it is friendly to Asian skin colors, and will not be picky. Very versatile and has a brightening effect.

2. Show more advanced temperament

With the growth of age, women care more about the display of temperament. Milky white is not dull and high-end. Compared with other light-colored series, it will be more recognizable, and it is easier to wear high-end, simple and generous outfits. The shape, for mature women, is a color that can show nobility and maturity.

If you combine milky white fish with high-quality materials when choosing clothes, you can have a double breakthrough and perfectly express a sense of luxury.

Autumn and winter milky white single product recommendation

Recommendation 1: Milky white sweater, warm and soft

Regarding the milky white items, sweaters must be the most recommended in autumn and winter.

Sweaters belong to the representative of soft and warm items in autumn and winter. When autumn just comes, you can wear sweaters directly outside. The loose version is good for the body. If you choose milky white, it will show a kind of The gentle beauty, especially clean, makes the whole person look softer and more beautiful.

And creamy white is paired with casual items, such as jeans or wide-leg pants, which can better present a feeling of comfort and comfort. If you usually like to match skirts, it will fully play the perfect advantage of being milky white, a display of high class and elegance, with a kind of non-rigid, gentle and clean in leisure.

For example: turtleneck sweater + skirt

The old-fashioned sweater is very popular in autumn and winter, and it has a better warmth retention effect. This milky white color is matched with a green pleated skirt, which embellishes each other. It is both refreshing and advanced, showing a kind of Japanese elegance is extremely comfortable for mature women.

Recommendation 2: Milky white coat

For white coats, many girls shy away from them and find it very difficult to take care of them. However, the fashion sense formed by white coats cannot be compared with other dark-colored coats. Because the proportion of the jacket is relatively large, choose milky white for matching, and other colors are only auxiliary effects, which are both fashionable and stylish.

When matching milky white coats, you can use a combination of shades, or use colors for embellishment, which can better highlight the advantages of milky white and show a sense of pure youth. In autumn and winter, milky white Intervention will appear more advanced.

For example: beige down jacket

Although down jackets are relatively difficult to take care of, white down jackets have a very strong age-reducing effect, especially milky white. Milky white has a certain effect of brightening the skin tone. With black boots, there is a good contrast effect between the upper and lower sides, and the intervention of this white color makes the whole person look very good.

Or: off-white woolen coat

The beige woolen coat will have a certain sense of thickness. For older women, you can learn from Miki’s mother’s matching. Using the layering between beige and white, the whole body is decorated with the same color system perfectly, and the beige The white woolen coat shows a kind of texture, creating the elegant charm of mature women, and looks extremely noble.

Recommendation 3: Milky white accessories

Dressing in autumn and winter cares more about the sense of atmosphere than dressing in spring and summer. In this season, which is dominated by dark colors and large areas, you can use some accessories to embellish with other colors, full of fashion and high-end sense.

Many people may think that the application of milky white is too exaggerated, so you can choose a scarf, hat or bag to match. These small pieces are not to be underestimated, creating a warm effect with a focused attention grabber.

Example: white scarf

Scarves are very much needed in autumn and winter, especially in some northern regions. When the winter just enters, you need to keep warm. If you prefer a deep earth-colored coat, with a white scarf, it can brighten your complexion when it is close to the face. It has the effect of keeping warm and adding femininity.

Milky white is better matched than white, because a little bit of other hues are added to it, getting rid of the sharp matching of pure white or snow white, it will become more low-key, but it will be more fashionable, so autumn and winter You must not miss the milky white items, they match perfectly.

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